Pat Croskery Memorial Award


Congratulations to Collin Anthony Chen
Stanford University
Recipient of the 2022
Pat Croskery Memorial Award!    

The Pat Croskery Memorial Award is given to an ethics bowl coach or sponsor who exemplifies Pat Croskery's approach to teaching. Nominations are accepted from current and former students.

Pat Croskery was the chair of the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Board of Directors from 2009-2013.  He worked to shape the competition into its current form and was instrumental in creating the summer workshop. Pat passed away in 2019.

Pat was loved and admired by all who knew him. He had a way of living that put ethics at the forefront at all times, and involved an approach to interactions with others that exemplified respect for persons no matter what their views, combined with a commitment to civil discourse. For Pat almost any problem could be solved, and all issues could be resolved, by carefully listening to the needs of those involved, and finding a way for all to be satisfied. People in the Ethics Bowl community routinely sought Pat's counsel as he could be counted on to provide accurate and unbiased, yet compassionate feedback. As a teacher he was dedicated to students realizing the full value of the Ethics Bowl experience, which was not just about participating in an exciting competition, but about gaining respect for competing viewpoints, developing lifelong moral reasoning skills, and learning how to discuss complicated moral issues with those who hold different views in a way that serves to better society. Pat was a true mentor to many.

Bob Ladenson "Spirit of the Ethics Bowl" Award

Congratulations to Oklahoma Christian University
2022 Bob Ladenson Award Recipient  

Bob Ladenson, the founder of the Ethics Bowl, designed the activity to encourage a variety of intellectual virtues among college students including thoughtfulness and ethical sensitivity to a wide range of issues. The Ethics Bowl was also conceived as an activity in which students could practice and indeed model collegial discourse about controversial issues.  The Bob Ladenson Spirit of the Ethics Bowl was created in 2013 to encourage participants to continue to honor this vision.

Each year, at the conclusion of the APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl® National Championship, one team is recognized for having best embodied the qualities of civility and courtesy while also showing an appreciation for the ideas involved in the cases under discussion and striving to ensure a high quality of discussion of those ideas.  Importantly, it is competitors themselves that vote for the team that is most deserving of recognition.